Godat Design is a group of seasoned, intelligent designers and developers.

We are unified by a core principle: clean, literate design. The strength of our collaboration arises from our distinctive backgrounds – from organizational management to musical composition. These diverse strengths help us forge inspired solutions for our clients.

Our Team

Ken Godat – Principal

With a BFA in graphic design from the Kansas City Art Institute, Ken moved to New York to work in corporate communications  with clients in international finance, consumer goods, and the arts. Expanding his experience, he first launched his design firm in 1983, consulting to clients in publishing, retail, and education. In 1989, Ken relocated to Tucson where he serves as principal of the design firm bearing his name.

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Brett Turner – Senior Web Developer, Project Manager

As Godat Design’s senior developer (yes, he’s old!), Brett is responsible for the development and production of interactive projects. In a previous life he was an accomplished musician and veteran of over 700 live performances, and an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied Film Scoring. If you ask him now, Brett will tell you he’s a “reformed musician,” which basically means that many years ago he had to reluctantly lay down the guitar, cut his hair, and go get a real job.

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Richard Whitmer – Web Developer

Richard has been making it easy for people to like and share things on the internet long before there were buttons for it. He is passionate about using the right technology to help people discover and tell their stories. He develops server-side and front-end tools for working with APIs, databases, and existing content management solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine.

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Danny Pagano – Senior Designer

Danny meant to share his long held love of science and technology in writing and with photographs. Instead he’s found satisfaction explaining these and other topics through web and print design. Outside of the office you’ll find him riding his bike around Tucson. He prefers camping in places where the temperature doesn’t reach 100 degrees.

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Rachel Spitz – Social Media Specialist

Rachel has a long history with technology. From playing games on the 1998 iMac to photographing on the 2016 iPhone. While using these electronics and generations in-between she developed a fascination with their impact on communication and relationships. This influenced her to study Communication at the University of Arizona and now to strengthen clients’ relationships with their audiences through social media.

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Katie Ylinen – Designer

Katie believes design is her spirit animal and strives to harness its wisdom to help others communicate visually. Currently she possesses a deep and nerdy fondness for layouts and typography, appreciating the fine details that anchor a piece of communication. She also feels resolutely that print can never, ever die. The physical nature of the printed word and all its textures will always play a vital role in the emotion of storytelling; it must live on!

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Our Expertise

Brand Strategy

Our team guides re-branding efforts, develops communications and marketing plans and positions our clients to attract donors, investors and new customers.

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Communications Design

Your business has different communication needs for different platforms. Print, web and social media can all reach specific audiences and we design branded communications for each unique channel.

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Web Development

We build needs-specific websites for our clients.We work with WordPress, Drupal and Expression Engine, but we have deep experience with the fundamental programming languages powering these tools.

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Our Office

Melding architecture and inspiration, our office space reflects the same aesthetic clarity that characterizes our work. Our studio, housed in one of Tucson’s oldest adobe buildings, was designed by architect Rick Joy with an intelligence that emphasizes direct expression, functionality, and technology. The spacious environment promotes easy exchange of information and ideas.

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