One Young World

One Young World Back in late May, 2016 I participated in One Young World’s first ever Expert Event, Environment Summit 2016 in Tucson, Arizona. The Summit gathered delegates from around the world to encourage networking, discussions and debates on environmental and global issues. Hosted at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 and Environmental Resources 2 [...]
by Rachel • September 29, 2017

I think I think like a designer

I think I think like a designer At the ICOGRADA Congress from left: Massimo Vignelli, Colin Forbes, George Finley, Mark Brutton and Jay Doblin. Chicago, August 1978. I am a designer; therefore, I think like a designer. Or at least, I THINK I think like a designer. But looking back, I’m not sure I always [...]
by Ken • September 26, 2017

Working with Your Website’s WYSIWYG Editor and Its Configurable Toolbar

Working with Your Website’s WYSIWYG Editor and Its Configurable Toolbar Creating and maintaining great looking content is easy in a WYSIWYG editor. If you use a content management system, you’re probably already using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor to compose and edit directly in your browser. Your web design team can configure the WYSIWYG on your [...]
by Richard • August 18, 2017

Gutenburg 2.0

Gutenberg 2.0 Leveling the Playing Field for Small and Medium Businesses Johannes Gutenberg’s idea for a system of mechanical moveable type is widely regarded as one of the seminal technological breakthroughs of the second millennium. The radical democratization and dissemination of information that followed did not simply upend the status quo of the age, but [...]
by Brett • July 28, 2017

Communicating Science, Visually

Communicating Science, Visually 5 tips for helping your audience build intuitive understanding We're ramping up for what I call "Lecture Series Season" here at Godat Design. It's the most stressful chunk of our year, but the Lecture Series is the most rewarding project for me. Every year, the University of Arizona College of Science invites [...]
by Danny • September 28, 2016

Environmental Consciousness is Design Consciousness

Environmental Consciousness is Design Consciousness I like history, so I’m going to tell you some history. A brief history of waste and recycling and repurposing! Throughout the centuries, worldwide waste and reuse practices have come in and out of style and collective values, something we’ve been familiar with in our own lifetimes. In general, mandated [...]
by Katie Ylinen • September 28, 2016

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