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To capture the increasingly global customer base for high-quality semiconductor diode laser products, DILAS GmbH sought to realign its communications to tell its story as a world-class diode laser company with a reputable past and a vision for the future.

Sensitive to the DILAS’ history of success delivering state-of-the-art engineering and the highest standards of product quality and reliability, Godat Design realigned DILAS visual identity by refreshing its logo, strengthening typographic standards and incorporating a confident new tagline into all DILAS branded presentations. A strategy of German- and English-language continuity between its collateral and a new, comprehensive product website backed by a custom content-management system helped convert masses of product data from costly printed media to an easily managed online deliverable that helps reinforce DILAS’ reputation as a top-tier global technology provider.


DILAS’ communications’ goals were succinct, and the efforts invested by both DILAS and Godat Design, rose to meet these significant challenges. 1: Redefine brand equity. 2: Solidify identity for global reach. 3: Implement and maintain identity consistently across all markets. 4: Communicate as a single international body.


As one of the world’s first manufacturers of high-power diode lasers, DILAS earned its worldwide reputation for top quality engineering and manufacturing from its base in Germany by providing attentive world-class service. But to compete more effectively in North America and emerging Asian markets, DILAS chose to expand operations by opening facilities in both Tucson and Shanghai.

This represented a significant cultural shift for DILAS, who also designated their new North American office with the responsibility to coordinate the creation of marketing communications materials worldwide. Issues of continuity and change recurred as Godat Design realigned the company’s typography, color, and naming. A bold new tagline “The diode laser company.” serves as an assertion of their longstanding commitment to product and service quality. Godat Design embraced and enhanced DILAS’ wordmark by mirroring its red/black structure in print materials and online.


Further, detailed analysis of the client’s marketing needs (a comprehensive identity audit) helped Godat Design address branding implementation issues that included micro-etched product labeling, improved legibility of technical specifications, and compelling advertising campaigns that engage at a global level. Central to the success of DILAS’ rebranding was Godat Design’s development of comprehensive new website – designed to help engineers and specifiers easily navigate DILAS’ extensive product lines with all product specs now available online. Furthermore, DILAS’ commitment to English-language advertising displaying the “dot-com” web suffix instead of “dot-de” further helps position DILAS as a globally accessible technology provider.


Today, as DILAS continues to navigate its opportunities internationally, a strong foundation has been established allowing a broader range of buyers to partner and benefit from DILAS’ well-earned reputation.

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