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When High Throughput Genomics got their start in 1997 they possessed a proprietary technology which aimed to automate genomic testing and molecular diagnostics — democratizing access to new tools which were gaining traction in the medical industry.

After several years of product development, and a strategic name change, HTG Molecular Diagnostics emerged — ready to bring their technology to market. But facing a relaunch it was clear the company’s logo was out of step with the advances in their field and offered no east path to differentiating HTG’s new product line from their larger corporate brand. Godat Design was hired to address this challenge – to design a new brand that eliminated references to aging technologies; to create a new visual language which could stand up to the rapidly changing technological landscape of genomic medicine.


HTG Molecular’s new visual identity was designed to support the company’s technical advancements over the long term, and to communicate those brand attributes which differentiate HTG from their competitors. Core monogram and wordmark elements allow extensibility to a variety of applications from specific product lines, to new services.


Because this repositioning helped audiences distinguish between HTG’s flagship products and the larger company, the messaging generated by this rebrand also helped position HTG for their 2016 IPO. The refreshed brand and messaging not only appealed to potential early adopters, but to investors as well. Navigating the communication’s needs of both cutting edge technical audiences and value-focused investors helped drive the work Godat Design delivered.


Since HTG’s successful IPO, Godat Design’s principle activities have included the production of both advertising and marketing tools in print and online. Our services also include the ongoing support of HTG’s visual and written messaging across all communications channels.

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