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Science has reemerged as perhaps the single most critical anchor for public policy and modern life, gaining ever greater scrutiny from industry, educators, government and the public.

University of Arizona College of Science saw a need for public outreach – to convey accurate depictions of the science that underlies much of modern society. Godat Design worked closely with the college to shape this now annual series – lectures designed to explore our world and ourselves. The twelve series to date have covered topics from Evolution, Global Climate Change, Cosmology, Genomics, Neuroscience and more. Each series has produced larger and larger audiences that reach more than 3,000 per lecture. Programmatic graphics have helped build audience awareness and attendance, and an array of event promotion materials, posters, postcards, flyers, websites, print and radio advertising, and environmental graphics all serve to ensure this unique program’s ongoing success. The lecture presentations are a close collaboration between the scientist and Godat Design which have assured accessible content of the highest academic caliber.


For its first public lecture series, the University of Arizona College of Science launched in spring 2006, tackling the (then hot) topic of Evolution. The topic had become highly politicized and the College saw a pressing need to bring together educators, researchers and the public for an impartial educational presentation series. This inaugural series was well-received by audiences that have grown in size and passion ever since.


While thousands look forward to this free public series every year, many thousands more have participated by downloading the lecture series podcasts and videos.

For its 2016 Lecture Series, the University revisited an increasingly urgent topic — Global Climate Change. When we originally addressed this issue in 2007, the debate over this topic’s scientific foundation raged among the public. But the follow-up series we constructed ten years later, Earth Transformed, dispensed with defensive positioning and provided a more direct, critical dissection of the scientific community’s response to the threats facing our planet.


Over the six-week series, audiences were introduced to cutting edge research in ecology, computational modeling, epidemiology and bioengineering — research that offered important lessons for society as it seeks effective global solutions.

Godat Design produces an accompanying Pre-Show presentation which is essentially an introduction to the basic keywords and concepts in each presentation. The Pre-Show takes much of the burden off of the speaker to define these basic ideas, and move on to more advanced concepts knowing the audience is prepared for them.

Working in tandem with the series’ six presenting scientists, Godat Design helped craft individual one-hour presentations that shared a common message that climate change and its impacts are no longer merely abstract projections for the future.


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